Early Mathematics Computational Cohort

What is it?
The Early Mathematics Computational Cohort (E=MC2) is an integrated set of mathematics courses at BYU in Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 for first or second year undergraduates who are majoring or minoring in mathematics. All interested students meeting the prerequisites are invited to participate.
Students in the cohort take 8 credits together as a group each semester, including both classroom and computer lab credits. By the end of the academic year, students are proficient both in proving mathematical results and coding in Python, applying theory to real-world problems.
Students who complete the EMC2 program will have completed a mathematics minor by the end of the year and will be well into the mathematics major. Whatever your path — an undergraduate mathematics major, the ACME program in mathematics, undergraduate research, or a double major — you will be well prepared to begin your next mathematical adventure.
Why should I participate?
  • Develop coding, proof, and problem-solving skills
  • Learn from award-winning instructors
  • Build friendships with a group of fellow students who also enjoy mathematics
  • Build interpersonal and communication skills, teamwork, and leadership
  • Make rapid progress toward graduation
  • Do fun mathematics!
Math 112 and Math 113 (Calculus 1 and 2) or equivalent (concurrent enrollment in Math 113 is fine)
If you will be starting at BYU in Fall 2024 and have taken AP Calculus BC, we encourage you to sign up for the cohort. If you have credit for Math 112 but not Math 113, one option is to pass a challenge exam for Math 113 during the first week of fall semester.

Fall 2024:
  • Math 290: Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Math 213/215: Elementary and Computational Linear Algebra
  • Math 495R: Introduction to Python Programming, Part I
Winter 2025:
  • Math 314: Multivariable Calculus
  • Math 341: Real Analysis
  • Math 495R: Introduction to Python Programming, Part II
Nick Andersen, Jennifer Brooks, Erin Martin, and Kevin Miller
Classroom Instruction MWF 12-2pm
Python Labs TuTh 12-2pm
CS 142 / CS 111 Equivalence
For students majoring in mathematics or ACME (applied and computational mathematics), the four credits of Math 495R courses will fulfill the CS 142 / CS 111 major requirement. However, students wanting to take CS 235 should consider also taking CS 111 to prepare for that course.

Are you leaving on a mission in Winter 2025? You are still encouraged to participate during Fall semester.
Do you already have credit for Math 213, Math 290, or some other EMC2 course? No problem! You can still participate in the courses you don't already have credit for. There is a place in the registration form to tell us that you already have credit for one or more EMC2 courses. (If you already have credit for Math 213 or 215 but not both: the courses Math 213/215 are blended in EMC2, so you should reach out to the instructor of Math 213/215 at the beginning of Fall semester to get specific instructions and make arrangements.)
Other questions? Email Kevin Miller at ksmiller@math.byu.edu